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Alitiko, from the Greek word for “punk”, finds its roots in both growing up in Greece and living in the U.S. The Greek-Middle Eastern menu is inspired by the classic Greek street food of gyros, sandwiches, and sides. Menu highlights include Cucumber & Zucchini Fritters, Slow-Roasted Shawarma, Glazed Pork Neck, and House Cut Fries.

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  • Monday

    11:00AM   –  8:00PM

  • Tuesday

    11:00AM   –  8:00PM

  • Wednesday

    11:00AM   –  8:00PM

  • Thursday

    11:00AM   –  8:00PM

  • Friday

    11:00AM   –  9:00PM

  • Saturday

    11:00AM   –  9:00PM

  • Sunday

    11:00AM   –  7:00PM

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