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Roaming Rooster

In early 2015, Roaming Rooster was founded in Washington, D.C. by a family with a unique concept. The idea of a food truck with fried chicken that you could feel good about eating: free-range, grain-fed chicken served fresh every day. Within months, word got out on social media about the delicious poultry menu and the demand for Roaming Rooster soon called for the expansion from one food truck to three. Since then, the popularity of the only food trucks in D.C. serving tasty free-range chicken has grown massively.

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  • Monday

    11:00AM   –  8:00PM

  • Tuesday

    11:00AM   –  8:00PM

  • Wednesday

    11:00AM   –  8:00PM

  • Thursday

    11:00AM   –  8:00PM

  • Friday

    11:00AM   –  10:00PM

  • Saturday

    11:00AM   –  10:00PM

  • Sunday

    11:00AM   –  7:00PM

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